Needed materials and downloadable files

In the first session, we will prepare the fabric together( make it double or triple, depending on the thickness of the fabric), and then draw the 6mm grid lines on the fabric. You can draw with a ruler, but it's easier to draw using the grid sheet. You can download the 6mm grid sheet either with a4 or US letter size from below.

【Finished size】
Approx. 20×32 cm
※You can deicide the size depending on your purpose.

【Needed materials for the first session】
Cotton fabric
- 20×100cm for making three-layered mat
- 20×65cm for making two-layered mat
Basting thread or any sewing thread to baste the fabric
Marking pen
6mm grid paper
A ruler
A tape to attach the grid sheet on the fabric

【 Grid size 】
For this mat, we will use 6mm grid. I will show you how to draw the 6mm grid using the grid sheet in the first session

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