What is Coffee Sashiko Fukin?

Coffee fukin is a Hanafukin (sashiko stitched kitchen cloth) stitched with brown thread on navy fabric. A few years ago, I made one for my husband and it’s been his favorite ever since. He always uses it when making coffee and that’s why I’m calling it as “coffee fukin.”

What's good about coffee fukin?

- The thick texture with woven sashiko patterns on both sides

- Excellent for insulating heat and keep coffee warm

- The dirt or coffee drop doesn’t stand out that much

- Perfect for camping or surfing trip (that’s what my husband says)

What you can learn in this club

- What Hanafukin is and how to use it

- How to prepare the fabric before stitching Hanafukin

- How to make a reversible design without knots on both sides

- What is Kuguri-sashi?

- Two Kuguri-sashi patterns with weaving method

- How to decorate the edge with several stitching methods

The weaving technique


Kogame-sashi variation

Scheduled dates

Week 1 / DEC 10th, 9pm-10:30pm JST

How to prepare the fabric / Making horizontal stitches

Week 2 / DEC 18th, 3pm-4:30pm JST
How to weave Kogame-sashi (the pattern on the back)

Week 3 / DEC 28th, 10am-11:30am JST

Combining several weaving methods (the pattern on the front)

Week 4 / JAN 7th, 9pm - 10:30pm JST

The decorative stitches to finish the edge

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