Adding distortion to sashiko

When I was looking at some old sashiko books, I noticed something interesting. Sashiko patterns from old books are free and spontaneous while the ones from the modern books are more like uniform.

I've been teaching how to draw some sashiko patterns in the previous classes to share that sashiko can be more unique and personal. Furthermore, I've just noticed that we can add distortion to sashiko patterns. Using the pre-stenciled pattern might be easy, but the result are all same with others. Why don't you learn how to add distortion, change the dimension to bring a character to your sashiko?

野分 Nowaki - The autumn breeze -

In this class, I will introduce Nowaki pattern as an example to learn those methods.

Nowaki is a design which is representing the autumn breeze blowing and rustling the flowers and plants. Using the plants swaying in the wind as an expression of breeze is superb. I always admire how ancient Japanese people put the seasonal scenery into the simple design.

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