Clematis as Sashiko design

Sashiko patterns usually have geometric designs both in Moyozashi and Hitomezashi. Some motifs stem from Chinese designs, but lots of common motifs are derived from nature such as flowers, plants, waves, snow, or even creatures such as turtles.

In this workshop, I'll introduce you Tessen pattern, the clematis design. This pattern looks intricate, but actually it consists of two common sashiko patterns. I will disassemble the pattern into three so you can draw and stitch the pattern step by step.

Not only showing the structure of the pattern, I will demonstrate how to stitch it without making any knots. With this method, you can make a beautiful reversible design on the single layered fabric. Once you learned how, you can apply this technique to all other Moyozashi sashiko patterns.

What you can learn

- How to draw and stitch Tessen design

- How to stitch Moyozashi patterns without making knots

- The process of disassembling the pattern

- How to develop the pattern

- 8 downloadable sashiko patterns

Needed materials and tools

A piece of fabric, the thread and the needle,

A ruler, the fabric marker, and the thread clippers.

That's all you need.

With the thread only

We can make Clematis bloom on a piece of fabric with the thread only.

Simple yet elegant.

A glimpse of Japanese aesthetics.

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